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Grant started his first business in the telecommunications industry in 2005.

After raising seed capital, he started with a phone (very basic) and the yellow pages (yup it was before the days of the modern internet).

With a wealth of sales skills and experience behind him (10 years of face-to-face and telesales), the company became one of the most successful inbound number providers in Australia. It then branched out its services to include advanced inbound number routing, wholesale telecommunications services and wholesale and retail Cloud Telephony.

Within two years the company had recurring revenues of $2m+ annually, with little overhead due to its structure.

Three years later the initial seed investors were bought out and netted a multiple of nine times their investment.

The company was purchased in 2012.

Grant then started his second business in the then booming Education industry in 2013.

It quickly became very successful. Contracted by the largest colleges in Australia, the company specialised in sourcing and enrolled students into a wide range of government-funded courses for a number of colleges in Australia.

Within 36 months of starting-up Grant had employed a brilliant sales team of 16 (ages ranging from 35 to 65) and had achieved revenues of $10m+ per year.

With a monthly advertising budget between $300,000 - $500,000 per month (TV, Facebook, Google, EDM Campaigns, Lead lists), the company had continued growth.

In 2015, the company went from a sales company of 16, to a college of 45 staff sourcing, enrolling and delivering numerous certificates and diplomas.

As it was a 100% government funded industry; unfortunately the industry itself suffered with political and bureaucratic issues, and that part of the education industry was eventually closed down.

    Some of the sectors he has been very successful in are:

  • Sales and Marketing (B2C and B2B)

  • Telecommunications

  • Renewables

  • Trades

  • Education (private and government funded)

  • IT and Infrastructure

  • Media (Digital and Above the Line)

  • Entertainment

  • Grant will review your current position, and develop an overall plan as your roadmap for the future.

    He has experience and knowledge to provide real solutions in many areas:

  • Strategic business plans and roadmaps

  • Sales Techniques (Face-to-Face and Telesales)

  • Sales Closure Techniques

  • Employee Motivational techniques

  • Business and related human psychology

  • Leadership Mentoring

  • HR management

  • System and workflow improvements

  • Marketing and Sales plans

  • Promotion and brand development

  • Capital Raising

  • Exit Strategies

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